Monday, February 7, 2011

Superstition Farm

This is a darling little family owned farm in Mesa AZ.  They have tours and hay-rides, a petting zoo, and a milk bar with 12 flavors of milk!

Check out my little man, same size as this gigantic chicken!
 Anisten loved holding this mow-hawk chicken.

Lilly tried to catch the chicken after putting him down, baited him with food,
 and cried when she could not recover him.
 This baby cow was so hungry and aggressive!  Lilly was scared (and me too)! 
Check out the crazy look in the cow's eyes.
He kept jumping up and bumping us.
 Anisten wouldn't help me. 

 Wooly "Seep"

 Hay ride through the farm

 Full udders
 Hay bunz, I mean bails.
 No way this guy was going to touch the horse!

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