Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dr Thomas

We love our pediatric dental office!

The girls had a visit today, Lilly was very excited.

What a trooper. She let the dentist put sealants on her two molars in the back.

She reclined and watched Cars the movie on the ceiling.

Orange scented gloves.

Squirt and suction. Dig the glasses?

Anisten looked so little lying in the bright orange leather chair.

Open wide!

Something spooked her, so we did a knee to knee after that.

Poor baby.

Highly recommend this office if anyone is looking.
NW Pediatric Dentistry http://www.nwpedo.com/

The Party

We had a family party at our place for Anisten, Leah, and Lilly.
Lilly and Ry were the appointed decorators.

This picture is so cute, and blurry! I need a new camera!
I delete half my pics due to the blur.
Balloon Fun

Enjoying a mama smoothie.

Presents and cousins

Leah's new birthday dew, nice!

Smoke caught Anisten off guard

She got over it fast enough. Licked the frosting a few times then went for a new cupcake.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Anisten's 2nd Birthday

Doesn't she look BIG? We got all dressed up
Got in the car, and headed to Woodland Park Zoo
Anisten got to touch a hedge-hog.

Slide the zoomazium slide

Play in a egg shell

As well as Lilly-chick

Penguins were our favorite

The ride home after a full Zoo day, blissful sleep, holding hands. Nice for mom.

I decided to get a Zoo membership for Anisten's Birthday gift. She has everything else in the world!


Lilly started pre-school and is so excited. She has also decided to pose in every picture I take of her. Thanks Nana Jewels for the cutie dresses.
I need a new camera.

Car trip to preschool was full of excited singing.

And we finally arrived.

Lilly Settled in by playing with her staple, ponies.