Sunday, October 28, 2007

Name and Blessing

Anisten Jade Evans
Blessed Sunday October 21, 2007 by daddy Rylan.
Papa Steve and Grammy Ann were able to come from Utah.
Many of our loved ones were able to make the blessing. We
have a big family, there were 12 men in the circle. Anisten was
blessed to posess patience and long suffering. I think that is specifically
for big sister Lilly who is obsessed with Anisten, and isn't always gentle.

What Can Brown Do For You???

Forget the Stork. We deliver babies via UPS!
Our poor children were boxes for Halloween. How sad!
Lilly wore her box for a total of 1.3 minutes, enough time
to pose for the camera and strip. Anisten loved her box and
slept the whole night happy as a pea.
So what can brown do for you?

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween Cousins



Lilly, Anisten, and cousin Diego pictured here in a death grip, desperation on their faces. We got them matching pumpkin jammies... so cute.

Anisten One Month Old

Check out those eyes! I had such a fun time with Anisten's first photo shoot. Her skin is so soft and she is covered with downy-fine blond hair! You can see it on her back! She is gaining weight and growing fast and is such a good baby. My good friend Jennifer Justesen took the photo, she goes on location and will come right to your house. This one was taken in my living room. Check her web site out at:

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We had so much fun at the Pumpkin Patch. I carried around my own little "pumpkin" while Rylan and Lilly filled our wheelbarrow full of large and small, red, orange, and even white pumpkins. I've tried to teach Lilly to say pumpkin but she calls them "ucky apples".