Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Utah Trip

We visited Grammy and Papa in Utah. Lilly fell in love with their dog Leah and literally took over her dog house. While we were there we went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. This big horse posed in the back of our family photo! We weren't prepared for the cold and rain. I thought Utah was supposed to be hot in May.

Wanna Lick?

Lilly loves to "help" me in the kitchen. Mostly she just scams food off me, what ever I'm making at the time. Grandma Julie made us adorable matching aprons. Looks like the time she needed it, she didn't have it on. She fell over into 4 cups of powdered sugar. She cried until she realized it tasted good. Then she spent her time licking her sweatshirt clean! Mmmm!

Mother's Day at the Zoo

For Mother's Day we went to the zoo. It was a big event with face painting, kiddie entertainment, and food. But the best of all was this bear that jumped into his pond chasing a duck. Fortunately for the duck, the bear wasn't as fast of a swimmer, and we got to see the entertainment front row. Lilly liked the otters and the petting area of the farm best. Very fun day for mommy too.