Monday, May 16, 2011

Puppies and Cousins

We were so blessed to have my brother Ryan and his family come for a visit to AZ!  How spoiled am I?  It was so relaxing.  We walked the dogs and played at the park.  We ventured into the desert, and cooled down at the pool.  We saw the movie Rio, so musical and colorful.  The Lopers are dog breeders, and with new puppies around, the whole crew came with, 23 dogs in all (3 adult Great Danes and 9 pups, 4 adult Yorkies and 7 pups).
The dogs traveled in an oh so posh 38 foot trailer, with private rooms for the mamas and babies.
Let me know if you are on the market for a new family pet.

I had so many pics I spread it into the next three posts.

                                                                    Reed looks so small!
           While I was taking this pic of Anisten, either Eli or Hally yelled that there were snakes by the water...
                                    I didn't think anything of it but Marlece was instantly alarmed...
 With good reason, the little kids were standing within feet of two wild Western Diamond-back rattlesnakes!

                                                               Stargazing Tower

                                          Adorable Yorkie Puppy, We could not keep Lilly away.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ryan meets Reed

Uncle Ryan hit it off with Reed right away.  It was the first time they met, Reed being 16 months old.
Reed felt totally comfortable to climb right on to Ryan's lap, in this case belly.
If you are very loved, Reed may give you a "woobie"

Swim Cousins

                                                                   Silly Face Cousins
                                                                    Ballet Cousins

                                                                      Funky Dance

Latest Project

Drool all you want.  They are already gifted away.
I love creating.


We were so spoiled to have Nana come for Easter.  Thursday we went to the Mesa Temple pageant.  It was amazing!  Saturday we hunted eggs at the church, then the girls dyed eggs at home during Reed's nap.  Sunday we egg hunted in our back yard. 
We had such a relaxing time.
Thanks Nana

 The ward asked us to not donate chocolate to put inside the eggs, because it would melt in the grass before the kids got to it... what a concept!  We are used to doing egg hunts inside due to rain and the grass is so soppy you might loose a shoe!

 Anisten was way over her 10 egg limit.  I had to throw eggs back in the grass when she wasn't looking.

 I got a new Bernina.  I am so spoiled.  Mom and I broke it in by whipping up these fresh little spring skirts for the girls.

                                                       Below is from our home egg hunt.

Where can you find AZ kids at 8am?

One morning I finished doing Lilly's hair and wondered why my house was so quiet.  Lilly and I were a little alarmed not to find Reed and Anisten anywhere.  Releived, we heard laughing from the back yard, and found Anisten giving Reed a ride on the back of her double-decker-red-radio-flyer tricycle.  The Littles had let themselves out clad only in stylish pajamas.
Exactly why we don't have a pool!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No more Looth Tooth

This whole experience is so amazing to me...
I feel as though it was yesterday my baby girl got her first tooth through her gums.  Today, that same tooth wiggled completely loose and fell out!  Lilly is officially a kid, verses a little girl.  The whole process was so exciting and scary and cool for her.  She sat on the bathroom counter and worked on it, laughed, got scared, and worked on it some more. Finally, out it came. 

We are going to be visited by a very special fairy tonight.

I had a loose tooth once.  My dad yanked it out with pliers.  Needless to say the next time I had a loose tooth, I wouldn't let anyone near me.  I ended up getting pushed down, my very loose tooth was knocked out, and as I began to cry from falling on my face, I inhaled the tooth into my lung.  It had to be surgically removed. 

My grandpa Howard McWhirk wrote me a poem:
"You swallowed your tooth just like a pill,
And now you have a Two Dollar bill."

The poem accompanied the tooth in a velvet frame, and a two dollar bill.

My grandpa has since passed away.  I told this story to Lilly and showed her the little tooth I still have in the velvet frame.  I'm so glad Lilly's Looth Tooth came out the old fashioned way!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairytale Ball

We joined the best club.  I call it a club, because it is way too nice to call a gym. 
Lifetime fitness.  Ever heard of it? 
Anyway, at Christmas, we enjoyed breakfast with Santa and a good jump in a bouncy house. 
Their next big event was in February, the girls asked Daddy on a date to the "Fairytale Ball".  Rylan of course was flattered and said Yes.  This event was high class, and we dusted off Rylan's tuxedo for the occasion.  He was by no means overdressed.

 In the mean time, Moma helped the girls get dolled up for the evenings exciting event.  We started with Hair, then Make-up and a hint of perfume.  Topped it off with crowns and gloves and sparkle spray, and the princesses were ready for the Royal Ball! 

The Tiara I wore for my wedding!
First item on agenda: mix with celebrities.
Next: Make craft swords and crowns.
Then dance like crazy to a live DJ
Ride around the parking lot in style by a horse drawn carriage!
Good Job Daddy, I see you put on their sweaters!
All this can create quite an appetite. 
The royal cake was cut when the clock struck 7.
Pose with celebrities
According to Lilly, "There was only one real princess there"
Mrs. Arizona!
I think there was only one real prince, we love you Daddy Rylan.
  A royal evening to remember.