Sunday, May 15, 2011


We were so spoiled to have Nana come for Easter.  Thursday we went to the Mesa Temple pageant.  It was amazing!  Saturday we hunted eggs at the church, then the girls dyed eggs at home during Reed's nap.  Sunday we egg hunted in our back yard. 
We had such a relaxing time.
Thanks Nana

 The ward asked us to not donate chocolate to put inside the eggs, because it would melt in the grass before the kids got to it... what a concept!  We are used to doing egg hunts inside due to rain and the grass is so soppy you might loose a shoe!

 Anisten was way over her 10 egg limit.  I had to throw eggs back in the grass when she wasn't looking.

 I got a new Bernina.  I am so spoiled.  Mom and I broke it in by whipping up these fresh little spring skirts for the girls.

                                                       Below is from our home egg hunt.

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