Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairytale Ball

We joined the best club.  I call it a club, because it is way too nice to call a gym. 
Lifetime fitness.  Ever heard of it? 
Anyway, at Christmas, we enjoyed breakfast with Santa and a good jump in a bouncy house. 
Their next big event was in February, the girls asked Daddy on a date to the "Fairytale Ball".  Rylan of course was flattered and said Yes.  This event was high class, and we dusted off Rylan's tuxedo for the occasion.  He was by no means overdressed.

 In the mean time, Moma helped the girls get dolled up for the evenings exciting event.  We started with Hair, then Make-up and a hint of perfume.  Topped it off with crowns and gloves and sparkle spray, and the princesses were ready for the Royal Ball! 

The Tiara I wore for my wedding!
First item on agenda: mix with celebrities.
Next: Make craft swords and crowns.
Then dance like crazy to a live DJ
Ride around the parking lot in style by a horse drawn carriage!
Good Job Daddy, I see you put on their sweaters!
All this can create quite an appetite. 
The royal cake was cut when the clock struck 7.
Pose with celebrities
According to Lilly, "There was only one real princess there"
Mrs. Arizona!
I think there was only one real prince, we love you Daddy Rylan.
  A royal evening to remember.