Sunday, December 28, 2008

Artist's collection

Lilly has become quite the photographist. She steals my digital camera and takes pictures.

Some are candids of me.
Some are posed.
Some are candid shots of Anisten.
from inside their bus tent
or car seat
but mostly Lilly likes to take pictures of #1.
Our camera is full of these.

Lilly's photography days were numbered. She and Little "A" threw my flip video camera into the bathtub which broke it; therefore banishing them from touching my other camera ever again (at least when I'm aware of it).

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rylan the Graduate!!!

Finally, no more school, no more studying, no Power Point, or group projects, worry, procrastination, evening classes, study sessions, exams, finals, professors, or reading business books! Congratulations Rylan.... YES!!!

Lilly snoozer

Today Lilly was very difficult at nap time. She said "I'm not tired", she cried, she came out of her room a million times, she claimed to need to potty even though she had just went, she complained that my music was too loud, and that the TV was too loud. Finally she must have rocked herself to sleep. It was hard not to laugh when I found her. Every so often she would move her legs and the chair would rock. HaH! The last one is a recent pic of Anisten falling asleep mid meal. I must serve boring food.