Wednesday, April 13, 2011

No more Looth Tooth

This whole experience is so amazing to me...
I feel as though it was yesterday my baby girl got her first tooth through her gums.  Today, that same tooth wiggled completely loose and fell out!  Lilly is officially a kid, verses a little girl.  The whole process was so exciting and scary and cool for her.  She sat on the bathroom counter and worked on it, laughed, got scared, and worked on it some more. Finally, out it came. 

We are going to be visited by a very special fairy tonight.

I had a loose tooth once.  My dad yanked it out with pliers.  Needless to say the next time I had a loose tooth, I wouldn't let anyone near me.  I ended up getting pushed down, my very loose tooth was knocked out, and as I began to cry from falling on my face, I inhaled the tooth into my lung.  It had to be surgically removed. 

My grandpa Howard McWhirk wrote me a poem:
"You swallowed your tooth just like a pill,
And now you have a Two Dollar bill."

The poem accompanied the tooth in a velvet frame, and a two dollar bill.

My grandpa has since passed away.  I told this story to Lilly and showed her the little tooth I still have in the velvet frame.  I'm so glad Lilly's Looth Tooth came out the old fashioned way!