Monday, November 29, 2010

Gobble Gobble

last week driving to the store.......
Me: "Kids, what do we eat for Thanksgiving?"
Lilly: "TURKEY! Yum!"
Me: "That's right.  Want to help me pick out a turkey?"
Lilly: pause, quizative look, "Mom, How we gonna catch a turkey?"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halloween at Last!

We dressed up as the clan from Peter Pan.
 Tinker-Bell had the perfect hair!

Tiger Lilly- Cutest blond indian I ever saw!

 Who wouldn't be scared of this guy?
Rylan won his work dress up contest.
Nice eyeliner!
 I'm Wendy, I got to wear a nightgown HA!
 Ward Trunk or Treat
 Girls drew the faces on, Daddy carved um out.
Mom's Pumpkin Houses
We carved um a week before, they were rotten by halloween, it was 95 degrees that week.
I guess in Phoenix you carve pumpkins the day before.
What would our little clan be without the star, Peter Pan!
This is Reed's favorite manly pose, he plays like this all the time.

Other fun stuff: Anisten insisted on flying with her wings!  She thought she really could fly.  She insisted on going outside, and Daddy helped her fly.  She loved it.

The Hook costume was a hit with the kids. 
 And the swords
 And the wig

Saturday, November 20, 2010

To Be Like a Fishie

I've been prepping Anisten for her change from nursery to primary starting in January.  Anisten was a late talker, doesn't show interest in friends, still throws tantrums at times, needless to say I'm concerned she isn't ready for Primary.  Non the less, we've been talking about what her new Sunbeam class will be like, and singing time, and being in Primary with big sister Lilly.

Anisten later told me that she does not want to be a Sunbeam.  She said "I want to be like a fishie... I want a fishie tatoom."  I asked her if she could be a Sunbeam, and be like a fishie.  She said "Nope".  She is determined.

Now I know she is not ready for Primary.  Fishie class anyone?