Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Arizona and New Shoes

Here we are in Sunny Arizona.  We flew and arrived safely on Thursday last week.  All our stuff is in storage, we are living in a furnished 3br apartment until we find a rental home, and are sharing one rental car until our automobiles arrive.  Bad news: I have no computer, no quilt to work on, no friends and no family and Phoenix has no Recycling program.  Oh and the bugs, lots and lots of bugs. 
Good news: Reed's surgery couldn't have gone better, and I pretty much love it here so far.  Could it be due to my hair turning out fabulous every day? :) Today Rylan didn't have to be to work until 8am (normally he starts at 6:30am).  So me and the kids drove him to work so we had use of the car all day!  Today it happened to be raining and Lilly and Anisten saw and enjoyed their first RAINBOW!  It actually was a double rainbow.  Ah, we loved it, marveled at it, oogled, and ahhed.  We named off the colors, and talked about what a rainbow is.  What a mini blessing for us!  Of all the rain in Seattle, when was the last time you saw a rainbow?
With my happy husband off to work, me and the kids in tow, we set off to find the mall (I've used my GPS non-stop).  Baby Reed grew out of his shoes and has been going bare foot. since we got here.. wwhich would be fine, but Reed is on the cusp of walking.  I was on the hunt for a sturdy pair of walking shoes.  Our first stop: Stride Rite.  The sales lady measured Reed's foot as a 5 wide, on the verge of 5 double wide!  No wonder I couldn't get his other shoes on, they were a size 3!  oops.  Ever wonder what your baby would tell you if he could talk?  Like, those shoes hurt!  I'm positive Reed would tell me he is done with baby food or any other substance spooned into his mouth.  I'm not sure what to feed the guy, he only has 7 teeth.  Anyway, We got some great brown and orange double Velcro strap shoes.  He will be off and running in no time.  By the way, we got completely DRENCHED running from the mall to the car.  I'm talking POURING.
I have no photos to post.  I packed my camera, but not the cord to upload.  Tootles.