Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Idaho Trip

Rylan's brother Kevin graduated from BYU Idaho. The whole Evans clan packed up and took a road trip for the week. We traveled from Seattle to Idaho Falls crammed in two cars with all our stuff, driving the 14 hours to get there through the night. I thought we would never make it, but we did, finally. We stayed in Idaho Falls with Grandma and Grandpa Carter. These are photo's of a fabulous little zoo we went to.

While we stayed at Grandma Carter's Lilly slept in her portable playpen. Although she is tall, she hasn't figured out how to climb out of it yet. One evening Granddad Ed was in charge of the kiddies (Lilly and beloved cousin baby Diego), while the rest of us went out to see the new Harry Potter movie. Granddad had his hands full with Diego who was being a pill that night, and upon my return I found Lilly in an awful state. Instead of going blissfully to baby slumber-land like granddad thought, Lilly had reached up to the top of a nearby dresser and got a hold of my makeup. She applied lipstick to her whole face, shirt, arms, and legs. Mind you, she did all this in the dark! We found her and took these photos.

Lion King, Little Mermaid, Ice Age, Cars.... Daddy knows how to keep Lilly happy in the car.

Lilly's first time on park rides. I think she likes the regular park (which she calls the "Wee") better.

Cherry Hill Waterslide Park treated us well on a hot day in Utah we were all able to cool down. That is until the lightning storm rolled in and they kicked us out of the park. My fav was the lazy river, no work involved. Lilly liked the Pirates Cove, perfect for little ruffians.

The coolest thing we did was tour Yellowstone for two days. We saw so many different types of hot springs, and witnessed old faithful blow. At this point our camera battery died so I have no more photo's to share. I definitely want to go back with a kayak and a camera, it is beautiful.