Monday, April 26, 2010

A visit with Momo

I love our visits to Momo's house in eastern Washington.
Great Aunt Sally was making Reed crack up!
The quilt on the chair was made from Papa's plaid work shirts.

Reed making Sally laugh! I love it. Ultimate favorite picture

Rylan had to ride a tractor (sshh, don't tell him its a lawn mower)
I have permanent wrinkles from squinting the entire time we were there.
So Sunny!
The neighbor farmer was feeding the cows. This whole field was full of mama and baby cows. He let us ride in his pickup around the field while they pushed hay out the back (5 of us in the front cab). In addition to the cows, we saw mama and baby goats, llamas, and cattle with great big horns raised for roping and rodeos.
On this trip I learned that a "Steer" is a male cow that has had his man parts removed. The farmer laughed at my questions a few times.

Every baby gets a sink bath at Momo's

Thursday, April 1, 2010