Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grammy and Papa!

Grammy and Papa visited us from Mapleton Utah.  We were so spoiled to have them for two weeks.  Dad ran around with a tool box fixing everything in sight and Grammy did my dishes every single day.  It was heaven.  We did all sorts of fun things too. 

We went boating.  Reed is a crazy driver!  Watch out ducks.
 Partay Boat!
We had to search far and wide to find a lake in Arizona.  This is Saguaro Lake, named after a large cactus found only in the Sonoran Desert.

 Mama Layne drives Fast!
 Check out Anisten's Life-Vest bunz strap.
Her dress was blowing in the wind around it.
 Unlike the girls
 Reed didn't take to his Sea legs too well.  Or wind in his face.

 During their visit, we played monopoly deal just about every day.
I had to wrestle dad to get him to try something different, Blockus!
Which he did not play again.

 We cooked every day.  Breakfast Yum.  After finding the pancake mix had run out,
Dad made pancakes the old fashioned way- from scratch!
 We did science experiments.
 And enjoyed a sunny day at a local Zoo and aquarium.

 Parrot snack time
Ann and I tricked dad into thinking a bird pooped on his back.
Then he insisted that I clean him with a baby wipe, so I pretended to rub it in.  HAH!
A taste of your own medicine y'old trickster!

 White Tail Hawk

Kaa, the Albino Constricting Snake 
Reed didn't like Kaa- me neither!

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