Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Quilt

This summer we went to the International Kite Festival in Long Beach Washington.  This is by far my favorite vacation spot.  My mom was able to join us, and while strolling the beach shops Mom and I found a darling little quilt shop.  Though I left the quilt shop without kite fabric, I did score this great "Crazy" quilt book, by the Buggy Barn.  This is my second quilt ever, and I started it just prior to moving to AZ.  I worked really hard on it up until the time we moved, I wanted the pieces to be in a movable state. 

It was torture to be in AZ for a month, with no friends and nothing to do, and have my quilt and sewing machine in STORAGE!!!!  I really would have liked to work on it then. 

"It Takes A Village" quilt,  Can you tell what it is going to be?

So glad I found this book "Those Crazy Kids"  Crazy quilting is when the fabric pieces are not the exact same size, the angles are not normal, and it seems crazy when you are doing it, but it all turns out great.  I cut through 13 fabrics at a time with a 60mm rotary cutter.  That felt crazy!

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