Sunday, December 5, 2010

How on Earth am I going to keep this kid safe?

Accidents are the leading cause of injury & hospitalization in children. No wonder!
This boy just barely learned to walk, and he is climbing all over. I want to nickname him "Goat".
Every time I walk around the corner, and find Reed climbing something new.
Here are some candid shots of his climbing adventures.

Reed used the chair to climb onto the table, and was eating Lilly and Anisten's Thanksgiving Artwork.
Paper and Glue, Yum!


Are you Serious?!

In other news:
Reed enjoyed his first Oreo cookie.

Reed turns 1 in eight days. I've been doing a lot of reflection this last month, approaching his first birthday. A year ago I wasn't sure he would survive his beginning life battle. When he survived it, I thought we might have a special needs child dependant on medical equipment for his lifetime. What blessings have been doled out to us, that Reed is a perfectly beautiful baby boy, requiring no special medical attention.
I have gratitude for my Heavenly Father, for the blessings I do not deserve.
I love you Reed!


  1. Wow, it's been a year already?! Eric was our child who climbed on everything and wouldn't stop. I was always pushing the chairs in to get him to stop.

    Jared once made stairs out of the drawers. He pulled out the bottom one, then the one above that a little less, etc. Then he got on the counter.

    Reed is adorable! Makes me so happy to read about him being so healthy. :-D

  2. Sounds similar to Rylan, only he would find places to hide and then would fall asleep. Mom and Dad could not find him to save their lives. LOL.

    Reed is a blessing and so glad he does not have lingering health problems. That is truly a blessing. That and he looks great what a doll face!


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