Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reed Update Thursday

Reed graduated from the ventilator today and was extubated this morning at 10am! They let Rylan and I stay in the room and watch. Here is a video of him after they pulled the tube out. He is doing fantastic by the way.

The respiratory therapist said that crying is really good after the tube comes out. It helps fill the lungs with air, open up the parts of the lung Reed may not have used yet. Crying must hurt his lungs, and the tube will give you a really sore throat. The nurse gave him a little morphine, and he calmed down.

Lilly and Anisten got to meet Reed for the first time. They understood more than I thought. Anisten kept saying baby, baby, and cried when we had to leave. They got to touch his toes, and his hair, and laughed when he kicked his leg. They are excited for baby Reed to not be sick anymore.

Moms worry about everything, and I'm no exception. I wondered how Reed is going to learn to eat, having never been given the opportunity to suck. The best part of the day for me was when I got to hold him (I sorta got to hold him, but I'll take it). Reed was dreaming, and in his sleep he started to suck! It was so cute to be able to see his face and mouth without all the equipment. Reed also got his urine catheter taken out, and did not require the photo-therapy lights and goggles today (we got to see his eyes). I changed his diaper for the first time and loved it! HaH! I'll have to remember that.

Reeds incisions have never been covered. They used dermabond, a skin glue to close them. Three laproscopic sites under his armpit, and the thoracotomy site at the 10th rib.

The Plan:
We think the epidural might come out tomorrow, as well as his arterial IV line. They may give him a little breast milk (like 1mL), and hope he keeps it down. He may be able to move to a medical floor the day after that if he is still doing well. We are so happy with his progress and know that he is being blessed because of family and friends, fasting and prayers.


  1. Dearest Layne, so glad to read the updates and get caught up. We're traveling and now in Utah for Dale's wedding so I haven't been near a computer but have been thinking about you. Love you and hope that little Reed continues to fight and get better!

  2. He looks so big and healthy. I can't hear the video but I thought it was so funny when he starts swating at the doctors or nurses. Looks like he's ready to go home:).

  3. It seems like it would be really hard for an incision to heal with glue on it. Amazing what we know and can do these days.

  4. Layne I just got the friday afternoon update.

    Little Reed and your family are in our prayers!!!


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