Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where is Summer?

Wondering if summer will ever really come to the Pacific Northwest? I've been taking advantage every time the sun pops out to do something summery. Last evening I packed up my girls and skipped one exit down to Twin Falls trail head. It was beautiful as the sun shone through the trees and Lilly and I walked around touching moss, rocks, and every trickling stream that crossed our path. I packed Anisten around in my baby back pack while she took a nice snooze. Today in North Bend it is 63 degrees, partial clouds, and a light wind. Wanting to take advantage of our "warm" weather, I filled up the kiddi pool on the front lawn with the hose. After feeling the water I decided it was too freezing and just would not do. I fixed the problem by filling my cooler up with hot water from the house and dumping it in to the pool several times. Ahh, problem solved. The girls had fun splashing and playing in what felt like an outdoor bath tub. They wore themselves out and are currently both taking naps (Yes!, I'm so lucky). Can't help snapping photos of my bathing-suit clad babes. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow, Lilly is really growing up!! You may have already heard, but today I went in to my Dentist the shadow dental hygienists and I met your sister! I knew I was going to be shadowing a temp, and when I was introduced to her I couldn't get over how much she looked like you Layne. Just put red hair on her and its you. Its funny because even your mannerisms and facial expressions are similar. Haha, so when she saw that I had red hair she was like "I have a sister and brother with red hair." And since I'm so good at being creepy, I just responded "Layne?" Then LeighAnne just kinda stared at me for a second and I told her how I knew you guys. Hope all is well!!


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