Monday, May 12, 2008

I Might Be Crazy

After a long boycott from blogging, I have to post and admit I have a problem. I HATE going to the dentist. It's not the dentist, we go to a really good guy. And it's not the anticipation of going either, or the office or the sounds in the office. It's that I can feel everything they do to me and it all hurts- the drill, the water, even the air hurts. The last time I was having work done I made them stop and give me more juice (anesthetic) twice- my nerves in my teeth could feel everything. I was trying to handle it but my body was involuntarily jumping off the chair. I have a really small mouth which isn't helpful, and find it hard to hold it open even for a cleaning. My neck and shoulders get tight and sore. I also inherited bad teeth. For example: just today at breakfast I was eating my raisin bran, minding my own business, and my front bottom tooth just chipped for no reason. Its obvious to look at and feels sharp in my mouth. Also every year or two I have a filling that breaks, cracks, leaks, or falls out, creating more work that has to be done in my tiny mouth that hurts me. By the way, yes I brush with a sonic-care twice a day, floss, and use Listerine. Anyway, I have to go to the dentist again this week for some filling replacements, and the doctor is going to give me laughing gas, or Valium, or both so I don't run straight outta there. I'm not allowed to drive there either so Rylan has to take me. Last time I left the dentist in tears and had a painful lump in my jaw for two weeks. I'm a bit imberassed about all this. Am I crazy? It's either drug me, or never go to the dentist again.


  1. You are not crazy. And welcome back! Just do what you have to do to get it done. If they juice you up, just enjoy it. :) Better that than being 30 and teethless. I don't think that's a word... oh well.

  2. welcome back! i'm sorry you are dentist-sensitive! that would really be the worst.


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