Friday, February 8, 2008

Indoor Camping

In an attempt to break up the manotany of daily life, we set out to go camping- indoors. I'm lucky I have a husband that not only goes along with my crazy ideas, he gets excited about them too. We put up a tent, a big tent, in our living room. We bought hotdogs and smores stuff. We turned the lights off, and started a fire in the fireplace. Lilly had so much fun running in and out of the tent, and playing with flashlights. We have a lantern that is battery powered, and we played games. We were planning on sleeping in the tent, all of us, overnight. After a few hours we realized that Lilly was still running in and out of the tent (actually there is a small zippered opening at the back of the tent which Rylan thinks is a doggie door. I'm still completely puzzled by this door.) Anyway, she was crawling out the tiny door in the back, running around and in the tent through the front, and repeated this action about a thousand times or more. So after realizing that true sleep in the tent wasn't going to happen, we put the kiddies to bed, took down camp, and slept blissfully in our bed dreaming of real outdoor camping adventures this summer. Then we will have to sleep in the tent.

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  1. I love that you did this!! We used to do this growing up and we loved it! It sounds like Lilly had so much fun. What fun.


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