Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Retro Trike

This week is sunny and COLD! The heater in our house is working overtime and I'm worried it's going to break. Lilly, Anisten, and I escaped the indoors for a few minutes outside in an attempt to get some Vitamin D from the sun's rays. We also were trying out Lilly's new retro Radio Flyer dual-deck tricycle equipped with streamers and a bell. So far the only part she knows how to operate is the bell, but the rest is coming. She is working on learning to steer, and her legs aren't quite long enough for the pettles. I bet by this spring she will be a danger on the road.

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  1. Cold? As in.... 40? :) We are having highs in the low 20's down here and single digits at night. I will be glad to be done with cold Utah winters.


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