Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Momo's House

Last weekend our family packed up and headed over Snoqualmie pass headed for Prosser WA, to Momo's house. I enjoyed the slow pace, visiting, looking at old pictures, Papa's scrapbook, playing games. My aunts Sally and Amber visited with us. Lilly, aka Speedy Gonzales, had fun dodging and running away from Momo who was attempting to get Lilly's socks on her. Anisten melted into Sally's arms and took what seemed like a 3 hour snooze. Rylan did a lot of snoozing for that matter. I was nursing a minor wound and am doing much better now. Momo made the best Sunday dinner, pork roast, mashed potatoes, the whole bit. I got to see my best girlfriend Abbie who was in town for her brother Dane's wedding reception. Abbie is 7 months pregnant and looking fabulous. On the drive home we were getting close to Kirkland. I told Lilly we were almost home and she would be sleeping in her own bed. She started to cry and through sobs repeated many times "Momo's house, me". Lilly wanted to go back to Momo's! I LOVE this photo of momo brushing Lilly's hair, Lilly looking in to the mirror.

Momo (my mother's mother)
Amber, Sam, and Travis
Groovy Girls

Layne and Abbie

Bill waiting for grandbabies.....


  1. Thanks for making us part of your weekend. It is always fun to see you and your cute family. (oh and handsome husband) He paid me the nicest compliment at church. Thanks Rylan

  2. Why is it that I always slump in pictures?

  3. Abbie, you slumpped over cuz I smell good :) We all slump in pictures, Rylan is reallllly bad.


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