Monday, December 10, 2007

Woodworking Class

I got this crazy idea that I could make a wooden child's size kitchen. My dad made one for my sisters and I when we were little. I remember what it looked like and have memories playing with it. I signed up for a woodworking class, bought the materials, and draughted my own design. I missed the first class because I was in the hospital delivering Anisten. I didn't miss a class after that. I was one of the only women in class, the rest were middle aged men. I learned to use a table saw, jigsaw, band saw, miter saw, router, drill, nail gun, and others. I loved having a project to do. It came together relatively well. I'm still working on the details, knobs, sink, faucet, burners, and am putting a clear varnish on that accents the wood. Shhh, it's Lilly's Christmas presant. Finished picture to come...

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