Monday, December 10, 2007


Corinne tagged me and I have to post 7 random/weird things about myself and then tag 7 other people at the end of the blog, and if possible in the comments section of their blogs. I must be weird because it was easy to come up with stuff. Here goes...

1) I'm a closet sewer. I have a sewing machine and randomly make things, mend things, hem things. Shh, don't tell.
2) I have an angel collection. How old lady-ish is that. Each year I display them during Christmas. I find myself admiring them more than I should. I buy more to add to the collection at the after Christmas sales.
3) Rylan and I were on the verge of obsession for the last two seasons of So You Think You Can Dance. We watched every episode, called in to vote for our favorites, checked the website to read up on our favorite dancers. I attempted to buy tickets to their tour, but they sold out in the first 11 minutes, I never got more than a busy signal. And most recently, we are signing up for a West Coast Swing class so we can be just like Benji and Laci!
4) I just recently took a Wood shop class. Basically everyone in there were middle aged men. Although I was an oddball in the group the guys were very helpful, nice. I felt a little awkward the night they invited me out to the bar for beers after class. See post below for a picture of my project.
5) I do a good Michael Jackson impression. It's not what you think, I don't grab my crotch, twirl, and yell like a little girl. It's my nose. I'll have to post a picture....
6) Um, I should probably shave my legs more frequently than I do. I have blond leg hair and think I can get away with not shaving for longer periods of time. One summer I was exploring the earth mother in me, I didn't shave for like three months. He he.
7) I'm the only person I know that doesn't like blueberries. They are gritty and taste like dirt. Huckleberries are my fav. I'm also very picky about the taste of milk. If it tastes weird, or tastes like plastic, I'll dump it down the sink. I'm basically down to one brand that I'll buy, Organic Valley. Great, now I sound like a picky eater.

I don't know 7 people with blogs...
The following people are tagged: Abbie Rufener, LeighAnn Beard, Rylan Evans, Brittany McCulloch, Kristen Evans, Kevin Evans.

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  1. Yay! New pictures and stories. I couldn't be happier. And no worries, sometimes I don't feel like posting on my blog either. I was just feeling like Aniston was probably growing up and the last picture was from mid-October. :(


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