Sunday, February 21, 2010

A slow learner

I just figured out how to publish people's commets on my blog. Or even view them myself... I must be a slow learner. Thanks for all the supportive messages during our tough times with Reed. He is doing so well now. We got some darling pictures of his hands and feet, thanks to my dear friend Sara. Thanks Sara! My sister LeighAnn knitted the blanket he is wrapped in. Thanks LeighAnn!


  1. Ha ha!! Glad you finally figured that out. Love the updates! Cute pictures!

  2. He is adorable!

    (Please approve my comment.) ;-D

  3. he is beautiful layner. i'm so happy he's home with you. he really is so cute.

  4. i know i already commented but he's so adorable and i didn't realize leighann knit that blanket, it's perfect and he's too cute in it. your friend sara took some great photos.


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