Saturday, December 26, 2009

Reed 13 days old

The doctors came in this morning and asked if I had any questions. I said Ya, Reed is 13 days old, when can he have a bath? So today he had his first real bath in a tub of water. I loved it and took pictures ( I am saving the nudy ones to embarrass Reed as a teenager). The bathing quickly ended with potty in the tub, party foul. These pics below are after his bath, lotion, and comfy sleeper. I took lotion and spiked his hair, uncle Andrew would approve. His hair is going to be super blond.

Reed was admitted to the Medical floor at children's on Christmas Eve. I have been rooming in with him ever since. He is learning how to eat, and tires out easily. He is getting stronger and better at eating every time, and they are turning his IV nutrition off today. He is taking expressed milk from a bottle, and has to be fed a certain way. Rylan is going to stay with Reed tonight, and learn how to take care of him. I'm looking forward to needful rest at home!

Visits are OK, text me if you want to come by. We still can't use our cell phones for calls, but texts are OK. The girls are in love with Reed, and Lilly cried today when we had to leave him. She wanted to bring him home with us. My best guess is that if Reed continues to progress like he is, he may come home by Wednesday next week. I feel like all my problems/worries will disappear the day he comes home.
I love Reed.


  1. layne, he is so gorgeous. i mean GORGEOUS. i am so glad you got to give him a bath. he looks so happy in your arms! you are a beautiful and wonderful momma. much love you to and baby reed. i put all your names in the temple yesterday. we are still thinking and praying for you guys all the time. much love!

  2. Wonderful news Mommy! I am so happy to hear that he may be able to go home this week!!!! I will continue to pray for little Reed!

  3. He is so cute! We can't wait for you to bring him home so you can have him to yourselves!

  4. I'm so happy to see him getting better. I cry every post to shear your love and emotion for him. I pray he keeps going in a good direction. Love you guys and miss you. Can't wait to meet him.


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