Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Haircut

About a week ago I took Lilly in to get a haircut, a stacked bob like she has had before. Lilly's hair is hard to cut, and every nick and mistake shows up. They do a really great job however, and charge me $30 (ouch!) for her cut. While waiting, I watched an 18 month old little girl get her first haircut. It took the lady about 5 minutes, and charged them $30. I watched how she did it, and I decided to try a hand at it myself at home on Anisten. Anisten is hair challenged mind you, she is 27 months old, and has never had a haircut!

This is the before shot, wild baby hair.
Going well, candy in the mouth.

There goes all the baby wispies

Cut some little bangs too...

Ahh, finished product

So cute right? A stacked bob.

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