Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I figured since it's been so long, I'd give you an

Evans Family Update

Anisten is sleeping in her own toddler bed. Today for nap she played for at least an hour before falling asleep on a bunch of toys she stacked in her bed.

Lilly likes to play dress up during nap time. Sometimes she naps.

I need to look up narcolepsy, and yes, Anisten actually fell asleep on the toilet.

Rylan's been trecking around the woods with the boyscouts. He thinks that being prepared means bring every item you own. His poor back!

I've been knitting up a storm. Here is the latest modeled by Anisten.

Lilly can almost swim on her own. She has been taking swim lessons, and is very comfortable in the water.


  1. Lilly looks so grown up in the swimming pictures!

  2. i can't believe anisten really fell asleep on the toilet. that's awesome! i'd love to hear that story!

  3. AWESOME hats Layner. Where did you get the pattern for the last one with the stem, it's adorable.
    I'm glad you answered your phone today, now I know you're having another babe. LeighAnn did call me shortly after I talked to you. Thanks, miss you guys and hope to see you soon.


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