Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lilly's 4th Birthay Party

It's a Snow White kind of thing.
We had fun at Idylwood park with 7 of Lilly's friends.
The weather was perfect.
I made this costume, Lilly you are really spoiled!

Cupcake Cake turned out really great (and easy to make too!)

Pretty as a princess

Diligent preparation for our game "pin the princess on the castle balcony".
Blind-folded of course!
Thanks to Rylan and his skills with drawing, Lilly had a beautiful
poster of a castle.
Ooooh, Ahhhh! Presents.

All smiles from the cake eaters!


  1. layne when did you learn how to sew? i am in awe of you. you are seriously martha stewart. stop it already.

  2. So sweet. You did a great job on the costumes! Sarina turn four in April. I might have to steal the "pin the princess on the castle balcony Idea!

  3. the fist picture of Lilly she looks like a perfect princess. her hair is so perfect it looks like a wig. she's cute.


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