Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Anisten's Firsts

I would like to share than Anisten got her first hair cut, but that is unfortunately not the case. With the way things grow in her hair department, there is no need for a cut. However, I was able to pull her hair into her first piggy tails and I must say
cute, cute, cute!

She tried and successfully pulled both of them out later in the day. It must have felt funny.
Anisten went potty on the toilet today! YaY. We were doing some
spring cleaning and found our two little potty seats. Anisten knew just what to do from the start. She flopped it down and sat on it. Then after watching Lilly go on the toilet, she climbed up and went herself. Surprised the heck outta me!

First tinkle. She earned a chocolate chip reward.

Captain Hand Hygiene to the rescue

I'm remembering back when Lilly potty trained. Each time she went tinkle on the potty she got a Rolo. I didn't realize that she would potty on the toilet seven times in the first day, so she ultimately ate the whole pack of Rolo's and basically nothing else the entire day! LOL. We changed the reward to a single M&M the next day, worked much better.


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  2. wow. i can't believe she went potty on the potty. bennett is totally afraid of the toilet still. and she looks adorable in those pig tails too! See you when we get back!


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