Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Need a Project

Sometimes life has no excitement. It's silly, the things I get excited about. I was bored last week, and told my friend I needed a project. She lent me two patterns, and helped me pick some fabric. (Thanks Sara!) And voila presto, two adorable summer dresses for my girls! I'm a newborn at the machine, first time I used a pattern to sew anything wearable, and they turned out great. Maybe I'll try this sewing machine thing again.
PS. The cherry blossom fabric was a sheet in its past life. HaH!


  1. I love them! Way to go. You make it sound so easy and tempting but I won't even try. :)

  2. those turned out so cute! Are you ready for your next project??

  3. oooh, i want the pattern! Will you show me how. I have a sewing machine but am hazy on the knobs. I have sewn very little. Wanna come over this week?


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